Commercial Fire Protection in Rochester, NY

Identify potential fire hazards inside your complex with the help of ES Systems. Specifically trained to find potential problems, our local business should be your first choice for commercial fire protection in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas.

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Utilize Our Fire System Inspection Services

Minimize damages and help save lives in the event of a fire at your building. By hiring our business to perform a fire sprinkler inspection, we’ll educate clients about possible safety issues and ensure each property remains compliant with the law. Trust our experts to examine everything from fire pumps and sprinkler systems to water flow and water pressure. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring your company and employees are as safe as possible if the worst-case scenario happens.

Stay Safe with a Custom Build Plan

If you’re starting a company or moving into a new building, let us draw up plans before construction begins. Through our Design Build program, we’ll carefully evaluate your blueprints or existing property and then get to work carefully laying out the position of each fire sprinkler system inside the facility. Our team at ES Systems has been specifically trained to identify weak spots and devise strategies to minimize the chances of a fire spreading. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another commercial fire protection business that provides more detailed reports.

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Build Plans

Compliance Reviews

Safety Inspections


Commercial Fire Protection Strategies

Stay Compliant with Local Fire Codes

Are you concerned about whether your property meets current fire codes? Allow our commercial fire protection experts to visit your property to look for potential violations. We’ll note any infractions and explain what must be done to correct the issue. Then, we’ll complete another inspection to check that progress has been made at your property. 

Pay less for commercial fire protection by contacting ES Systems. We’ll go through your structure, carefully reviewing each sprinkler system, confirming that your building is compliant with fire codes and that your employees are safe.